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Armored Vehicles

Exotic Limo Builders is becoming a leading manufacturer of armored vehicles such as armored cars, armored stretch limousines, armored 4×4 vehicles and armored special vehicles.

We draw from the over 20 years of experience in the fields of conceptualizing, designing and fabricating armored cars. So we can make you safer.

All of the materials used in our manufacturing process have been carefully selected to provide our clients the highest ballistic protection standards in the armored car business.


We offer several concepts, including a multilayer glass system. This system allows us to build vehicles without the visible external frames normally associated with armored cars. Thus ensuring the aesthetic beauty of the manufacturer’s automobile is not sacrificed for function.

The Folding protection system which reduces the risk of penetration at weak spots such as door and window apertures.

The composite system made from woven Aramid matting, is used for protection against hand grenade and bomb fragments.

Special welding and bonding techniques protect materials from oxidation and allow armor to fit comfortably while providing a protective interface with the car body.

Armoring Levels

All Armoring materials are tested and certified By German National Ballistic Laboratories.